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Forum Moderator,Ken Gain MAI, SRS, CCIM, CRE

Forum Moderator, KEN GAIN, MAI, SRS, CCIM, CRE


The goal of this forum is to provide a place for real estate and mortgage professionals to learn Creative Real Estate, share ideas, information and reference to useful sources of information in an effort to provide creative solutions to real estate transactions. Our focus will be Alaska, but most of the information will be useful anywhere.


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 Wikipedia defines the term as: “Creative real estate investing is a term used to describe non-traditional methods of buying and selling real estate.”

My definition of the related term, Creative Financing is: Any financing negotiated by the parties in the transaction not involving a third party lender, or making a non-cash down payment.

The traditional method of buying or selling real estate is a cash payment to the Seller in return for title to the property.  In some cases this means that a Buyer simply pays cash for the property, but most often it involves the Buyer making a cash down payment and borrowing the balance of the purchase price from a bank or other financial institution.

A Creative Real Estate transaction may involve some institutional financing, but it will also involve one or more of the following techniques which I  call the Five Pillars of Creative Real Estate:

  1. Seller Financing
  2. Assumptions
  3. Barter & Exchange
  4. Shared Equity
  5. Options & Rent to Own

There are many subcategories within these Five Pillars and when techniques from two or more categories are used, there is virtually no limit to the ways of structuring a Creative Real Estate transaction.

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