This forum is sponsored by CA$H NOW Financial Corporation which is in the business of paying CA$H NOW — For Real Estate Notes and Other Deferred Payments” and providing Creative Commercial/ Investment Financing. In addition to Real Estate Notes we buy Notes secured by mobile homes, certain businesses and structured settlements and annuities.

Although CA$H NOW Financial Corporation did not begin this business activity until 1994, I have personally been involved in the real estate business in Alaska since 1962 and have been involved in the creation, purchase, sale, or exchange of hundreds of Real Estate Notes. I hold four nationally recognized professional designations in real estate and have been President of the Alaska Association of Realtors and well as National President of the Real Estate Securities and Syndication Institute. I have taught real estate finance for the University of Alaska and am the author of a Real Estate Commission approved continuing education course for real estate agents on the subject of privately created Real Estate Notes. For more detailed information visit KenGain.com.

Why this Forum?

Through my experience in dealing with and teaching hundreds of Real Estate Professionals I found that most folks who have entered the profession during the relatively “easy money” period of the last 20 years know little about the alternative ways of making transactions by applying the principles of Creative Real Estate, and as a result are losing out on the opportunity to close more transactions and better serve their clients.  Likewise, I find that many Mortgage Professionals are turning away clients who don’t meet the rigid underwriting standards of institutional lenders, rather than becoming financial consultants to help prospective Buyer/Borrowers acquire the real estate they desire.

While there are literally tens of thousands of websites relating to real estate available on the internet, it is difficult to know where to start.  In this forum I have tried to focus on relevant and reliable sources of information that have been personally reviewed by me and/or subscribers to this forum.  In addition, by having an interactive blog on the subject of Creative Real Estate, I hope that we can help one another close more real estate transactions and provide greater service to our clients.

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