Listed below courses and seminars that I recommend, or which have been recommended by subscribers.  The format is to first show the link to where you can learn more or enroll, followed with a description of the course or seminar.

READ THIS BEFORE YOU SPEND MONEYThis link will take you to John T. Reed’s rating of many of the popular Real Estate Gurus who teach courses, sell books, tapes and other products.  I don’t personally know John, but I have read several of his books which lead me to believe that he is a smart guy.  I also don’t know many of the gurus that he rates.  However, of the ones I do know, I generally agree with his ratings –with one exception.  I think Rich Dad–Poor Dad is one of the best books on entrepreneurship ever written, and he hates it.  These ratings are John’s personal opinions, but I would give them serious consideration before you open your wallet.

REAL ESTATE GUYSMy friends Robert Helms and Russel Gray, call themselves “The Real Estate Guys” and thats the name of their weekly radio show that you can download as a pod cast on iTunes.  They also teach courses, have written a book I recommend, sponsor mentor clubs and sponsor an annual educational cruise.  I have taken three of the cruises and have invested money with these guys, so they get my recommendation.

PETER FORTUNATO— Unfortunately Peter only teaches a couple of courses a year, so you should really make an effort to take one before he retires.  Peter has one of the most creative minds, on structuring real estate deals, that I have ever encountered.  After attending one of his courses your mind will be spinning.

JOHN SCHAUB — John has (now that Jack Miller has passed away) been teaching and writing about investing in single family homes longer than anyone in the United States.  He has several great books, a newsletter that I get and teaches courses. If you want to learn how to make money with single family houses, you need to get to know John.

CASH FLOW DEPOT— This is a 21st century successor to the Jack Miller organization.  After Jack’s passing, Jackie Lange acquired rights to Jack Miller’s awesome library of publications and courses.  Jack was one of the great gurus, but he was old school.  Jackie has used technology to make Jack’s material available through the internet and has brought in scores of other smart people to teach and write about Creative Real Estate.  If you like great online webinars and podcasts, this is definitely a site you will want to check out.

FIXER JAYJay Decima (“Fixer Jay”) is one of the nation’s leading authorities on buying ugly properties and transforming then into swans.  He publishes a newsletter, has several books and teaches seminars and runs Fixer Jay Bootcamps.  If you, or your clients are interested in buying and fixing up properties, you need to get to know Fixer Jay.