When I say “I Love My Kindle”, I don’t just mean my Kindle eBook Reader, (although I DO love it!) I mean the complete Kindle technology available through  The Kindle technology will work on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android etc.  As long as you have established an account with Amazon, you can download Kindle books, magazines, newspapers and blogs. This means that as of today (January 29, 2011) you have immediate access to the following:

  • Newspapers – 156 (When I travel, I read the Anchorage Daily News on my Kindle)
  • Magazines—89
  • Blogs – 11,296
  • Books – 819,855 of which over 20,000 are free.  Even the paid for books are significantly cheaper than printed books and you can download them in less than a minute.

Research:  One of the great features of the Kindle technology is that you can search the entire Kindle library from your hand held device.  It’s like having you own personal librarian! The great thing is that eBooks are available in many topics that don’t have broad enough market appeal to warrant hard copy printing.  It was in my search for books on social media marketing for real estate professionals that I first learned about Active Rain! You can also search your personal Kindle library for specific subjects.

Definitions:  When you encounter an unfamiliar word all you have to do is click on it and a definition of the word appears.  This sure beats having to go find a dictionary and look it up.

Capacity: The Kindle eBook reader will hold approximately 3,500 books which you can sort into categories. You can also find specific books, magazines, and blogs using the built in search feature.

Free Samples and Subscriptions:  All books allow download of samples for review before you buy, and all blogs allow for a free 2 week trial subscription.

Document Conversion:  I hate reading contracts on a computer screen, but with Kindle technology, I can email them to my Kindle device for easier reading or reading while not in front of a computer.

Text-to-voice technology: Most Kindle downloads, including the conversions of pdf documents, are enabled with text-to-voice technology so that you can listen to them when it’s not convenient to read.

CONCLUSION: The Kindle technology provides a great tool for research and reading. There are many more features than I described above.  I just listed the major ones that I have found useful.