Listed below are other resources that I recommend, or which have been recommended by subscribers.  The format is to first show the link to where you can access the resource, followed with a description of the resource.

KINDLE I have found the Kindle technology (works on almost any device) to be an extremely useful resource for research and reading.  Click on the link to see my full article on this subject.  I am sure you will love it too!

To close Creative Real Estate transactions it is important to work with a GOOD REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY!  If you don’t already work with one, find one soon and establish a working relationship.  Usually title companies work with attornies who are real estate specialists and can give you some recommendations.  However, sometimes you may need only a simple document and if you have some basic knowledge of real estate law, you can complete a good real estate form yourself, or in other cases you may find it helpful to review a standard form and mark it up before giving it to your attorney for final draft.  This can save money and helps get documents that meet your needs.  Sources that I recommend for such forms are:

  • U.S. LEGAL FORMS — On this website you can order a variety of standard legal forms that are supposed to be acceptable in every state.
  • ALASKA LEGAL FORMS — On this website you can order a variety of standard legal forms that are specifically designed for Alaska.
  • LEGAL ZOOM — On this website you can order documents prepared under attorney supervision.  I have  used them twice to create out of state Limited Libility Companies and was very happy with their services.

In a Creative Real Estate transaction there is often a need for a Note Investor who will pay cash for all or part of a Seller Financed Note created as part of the transaction.  If you aren’t already working with a Note Investor, you should find one soon and establish a working relationship. Usually closers at a title company or employees of an escrow collection company will know some local Note Investors.  Other source of Note Investors are:

  • PAPER SOURCE ONLINE — Bill Mencarow, who runs this website (see more below) probably knows more Note Investors than anyone in the U.S.  Go to their website and fill out the contact form telling Bill the type of property and your geographic location, and he will help you find an investor.
  • CASH NOW FINANCIAL — Of course, if the property is in Alaska or if the Note is serviced by an Alaska escrow collection company, I hope you will consider our firm.  Your clients can get information on the Note selling process and download a FREE copy of our Note Owner’s Manual at

NATIONAL REAL ESTATE INVESTORS ASSOCIATION — This is an umbrella organization that provides support to local Real Estate Investment Clubs, in addition to being a good source of information and education.  They also sponsor an annual real estate education cruise.  Although I have not been on theirs, I have taken seven other real estate education cruises and find them a great way to learn and network with other folks interested in Creative Real EstateIf you want to find other folks in your local area to network with, be sure to check with NREIA to find a Real Estate Investment Club in your area.

PAPER SOURCE ONLINE In addition to contacting the Paper Source to find a Note Investor, you should browse the site for other valuable information.  They have a great blog, publish a great newsletter and sell some great books including the eBook version of Owner Will Carry that I recommend elsewhere on this site.  They also have a FREE eCourse on Note Investing.  If you have any interest in Note Investing or raising cash from sale of Notes, this is one site you must visit!

IRA WEALTH — Not many people are aware that you can invest your retirement money in real estate and real estate Notes. Be sure to read this book to learn how to take control of your own retirement and make superior yields with real estate investments. 

 To do so, you must have your retirement funds with a Trustee that allows self-directed investments and allows real estate related investments.  Such self-directed retirement plans are also an excellent source for private investment money.  Three Trust Companies that I know of that allow self-directed investment in real estate are:

Do yourself a big favor and invest some of your retirement funds in real estate.  The foregoing companies can show you how to do it!

PAT ZABYAlthough Pat is an educator who teaches live seminars and on-line webinars, I have listed him under Resources rather than Education, because many of his seminars, webinars and products relate to marketing materials.  He teaches and sells products that will allow you to create good looking marketing materials using Microsoft Office.  He also does seminars on residential financing and has an interesting blog.  If you want to reduce your costs in preparing marketing material, I recommend that you check out his website.

DOCUFILL — This is a very useful program that makes it easy to create templates for forms and letters that you use frequently.  It is an inexpensive program that I use and which I strongly recommend.