Listed below are websites and/or blogs that I recommend, or which have been recommended by subscribers.  The format is to first show the link to the website and/or blog, followed by a description of it.

ACTIVE RAIN This is a networking site for Real Estate Professionals and other professionals providing services to the real estate industry.  Membership is now over 200,000 and the site provides for networking with all of them, or folks only in your local area or groups with a special interest.  There are literally thousands of blogs on every real estate topic you could dream of.  With Free Membership you get a blog that can be read by other members and with Rain Maker Membership you also get a public blog.  The great thing is they have set up easy templates for blogging and communicating with other members so that you don’t need a lot of technical savvy to start receiving benefits.  They have excellent on line training webinars and on-demand tutorials.  I recommend signing up for Free Membership and taking the Orientation Course where you will be offered a 2 month Rain Maker Membership for only $1 per month.  This will give you the chance to evaluate the benefits at virtually no cost.  If you plan to be a player in the real estate industry in the 21st century, you need to check out Active Rain!

BIGGER POCKETSThis is a networking site similar to Active Rain but its emphasis is Real Estate Investing.  There are thousands of blogs and articles on every real estate investing topic you can think off.  Because the focus is Real Estate Investing, there are lots of resources related to Creative Real Estate.  One thing that I like about this site is that two of the top rated blogs for each day are published on as a subscription blog under the name “The Real Estate Dispatch“.  Because this is an subscription blog it can be read on your Kindle (which I love) and as a result I am able to begin my morning with a cup of coffee and a some creative real estate ideas before I leave home.  This is a site that anyone interested in Creative Real Estate or Real Estate Investing should subscribe to!

CASH FLOW DEPOT— This is a 21st century successor to the Jack Miller organization. After Jack’s passing, Jackie Lange acquired rights to Jack Miller’s awesome library of publications and courses. Jack was one of the great gurus, but he was old school. Jackie has used technology to make Jack’s material available through the internet and has brought in scores of other smart people to teach and write about Creative Real Estate. In addition to the information listed about this site under the Education tab, it also offers an online store where you can purchase useful books, forms and home study courses.  If you like great online webinars and podcasts, this is definitely a site you will want to check out. You may want to also consider the benefits of joining as a member–I did!

CREONLINE — This site also has a bookstore tab where you can buy books, courses, forms and other useful information.  They also publish an online newsletter and sponsor online webinars and podcasts.  This is also a site that you should subscribe to!